On the day of my visit, I arrive with a
                     stack of artist sketches, edited story revisions, dummy books, posters, printer’s proofs, notes and storyboards. This pile of curiosities is just about everything that an author, illustrator, editor and publisher use to create a living, breathing book. Sometimes, I am also able to exhibit an original, one-of-kind illustration from The Dragon Cant. I also bring along the ‘first’ book I ever wrote – at the age of seven! Young students really love when I read this example of my early writing. They are eager to hear stories and see drawings done by me (or any grown-up author) when I was their age. It teaches them that everyone starts out from the same place. I find that the inventive books, stories and pictures kids create these days are quite a bit more advanced than anything I ever did as a child.
                     In preparation for my visit, I ask
                     that the students and their teachers be ready with any and all questions that they can imagine. Topics might include writing, illustrating, editing, the creative process or publishing. Throughout the question-and-answer process, I will retrieve items from my pile of props – real-life examples of what a team of professional artists, editors and writers used to create a real, live book.
                     Every presentation I give is slightly
                     different from the last. The content adjusts naturally to the students’ grade level and question level. While most of my appearances are for K through 5, I am also available to make presentations to pre-school and adult classes.

Although each class visit is unique, you can count on three things during each presentation:

1. a book reading,
2. answers to lots of questions, and
3. creative involvement from the students.
Things I’ll Ask You To Provide
1. A chair
2. An easel to display 2’ x 3’ posters. Always a crowd favorite.

PUBLIC LIBRARIES: For a 45 minute visit to a location within 50 miles of Middletown, CT the fee is $75. For locations more than 50 miles away from Old Middletown, CT the fee is $100.

SCHOOLS: For a day-long visit to a location, which consists of four to five 45 minute presentations the fee is $400. For shows outside of CT I charge extra for travel and lodging if necessary. I have given school presentations in CT, NY, NJ, RI and MA. I, of course, will travel further a field if requested. Say even…Hawaii, if need be.

Additional Details
I give four to five 45 minute presentations a day, with a break for lunch. I prefer to work with two to three classes at time. A small group means more fun, personal time and education for each student. Please contact me if you wish to combine more than three classes at a time.

One to two weeks before the visit, I ask that a flyer announcing my visit be given to each student. This allows any who wish the chance to pre-purchase personalized, autographed copies of my books. I deliver these signed books the day, or days, of the visit.

Some schools and PTOs have scarce funds. If you still would like me to visit please call and we will try make an arrangement suitable for everyone.

After a confirmed date for an appearance has been scheduled, I will donate one copy each of The Dragon Cant, The Uncrossable Canyon, and The Goblin's Story to your school's library. A few weeks before my scheduled visit, I will contact the school librarian, media specialist or who ever is in charge of my visit to make any final arrangements.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at the number below. If you would like to speak with a librarian from one of my past visits, please call me for contact information.

Jim Dongweck
(860) 575-9524

Contact Jim